the city of
redwood was founded in 1901 by a man named gordon alan garrison. redwood is in the county of humboldt and is it's largest city, boasting a population of 651,500 people. the city is known for redwood national park and it's tourist attracting glass beach.

the mayor, marcie thorn, is active in making sure that redwood is a fun place to live. the city is known for it's many festivals, parties, charity work and green initiative. redwood is known to have many people that commute by bicycle and has three large surburb districts just outside of downtown, redwood. people that don't live in the heart of redwood live in one of these small disctricts are called glenpark, enderlin & glass cove. all three distiscts have their affordable and non-affordable places to live. glenpark is on the east side of the city. it is close to the redwood national park and is popular among camping fans all over the city and the entire country. glenpark is the easiest place to afford to live alone in redwood. enderlin is the newest 'neighborhood' in redwood. it is located in the middle of the three suburbs and is closest to downtown redwood. outside of downtown, it is the most expensive suburb in redwood. glass cove is the location on the beach. it's the furthest away from downtown redwood and while on the beach, is in the middle of the four for affordability. it has it's pricey houses just above a million and it's small, cheap apartments not far from the beach itself.

establishments, etc
redwood contains all of the main establishments you'd expect from a medium sized city in california. one big mall containing all of the main stream stores, mainy starbucks locations, in & out burger, etc. what we'd like for our member's to do is to add to the world building experience here. come up with businesses they work at or own. this can be theaters, campground locations, boat rentals, the city orchestra, etc. outside of sports this is all fair game. to add to this you can contribute by commenting the member's only post with the name of the business, what district it's in and a small description. then, we'll add it to our city locations page.

schools: each district has their own elementary, middle and high school. elementary runs kindergarten through 5th grade, middle 6-8 and high school is 9th - 12th grade. each school is named after their district (glenpark high, enderlin elementary, etc). if you have questions about this hit us up!

professional sports teams
the redwood condors: the condors are redwood's professional hockey team! they were founded in 2010 and they're owned by richard marrett. (their mirror team is the predators.)

the redwood elks: professional soccer team. they came to redwood in 1980. they are currently owned by the town mayor's husband, joseph thorn. (mirror of the san jose earthquakes.)

the redwoods: minor league baseball team, they serve as a farm for the la dodgers. currently owned by the la dodgers. (mirror of the inland 66ers).