glass coveredwood's beachside district makes up most of the coastline and is home to most of the city's tourism. furthest from downtown redwood, glass cove is one of the most demographically versatile neighborhoods. you'll find everything from million dollar homes to affordable rental apartment complexes not far from the beach itself, as well as several hotels.

glass beach

stretching over twenty miles of coastline, glass beach is open year-round but draws in its largest crowds during the summer months when the city sees a spike in tourism. glass beach has both public and private areas.

the boardwalk

at 4 miles long, the boardwalk has something for everyone. bars with enticing drink specials, casual restaurants, souvenir shops, two arcades, street performers, and a small assortment of amusement rides make it an exciting place to visit day or night.

redwood aquarium

with over 500 species of marine life, a 300,000 gallon shark tank with tunnels for visitors to walk through, and plenty of touch exhibits featuring stringrays and seahorses, visitors are immersed into a world of adventure at the aquarium.

ike's ice cream

ike's has been a glass cove staple since 1965 and still proudly serves the same homemade ice cream, floats, creative sundaes, and soft serve delicacies it did on the first day its doors opened.

quiet cove inn and restaurant

in operation since 2007, the quiet cove inn is a beachside retreat well known by local residents for its restaurant, which serves the public seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

stratter & daughters funeral home

redwood's oldest and most established funeral home, providing compassionate and caring family-run services in the area since 1912.

redwood ridge ranch

redwood ridge ranch offers unforgettable trail rides, beach rides, horseback riding tours, horse boarding, and riding courses.


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