glenparkmaking up the east side of the city, glenpark is popular amongst those looking for a more rustic destination. this area is home of redwood state park as a handful of vineyards. the most affordable place in redwood if you're closer to the city center, but redwood's "wine country" offers some of the city's most coveted real estate.


spread across nearly one thousand acres of land, redwood state park is home to everything outdoors: hiking trails, bicycle paths, campgrounds, picnic facilities, guided nature walks, and more.

moretti winery

established in 1982, a variety of nationally recognized red and white wines are cultivated and bottled here. hosting tastings daily, the winery is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

historic district

serving as the official divide between north village and glenpark, this small pocket of streets boasts shops in original and reconstructed buildings, and the historical society. a farmer's market also takes over the streets every sunday morning.

redwood adventure park

an adventure course set just outside the redwood national forest featuring over 100 exciting obstacles of mixed difficulties, such as tarzan swings, zip lines, suspended bridges, and climbing areas.

srinivasan counseling services

an independent counseling service specializing in ptsd and addiction counseling, taking a compassionate, individualized approach to each client's specific needs. pro bono sessions available.

redwood zoo

75 acres on the outskirts of glenpark, laid out similarly to the san diego zoo. the redwood zoo houses more than 650 species and subspecies, and focuses on conservation, education, and community events.

pacific pets

pacific pets is a locally owned business that aims to provide the highest quality aquatic, reptilian, and invertebrate pets at a reasonable price while nurturing the local hobbyist community and supporting local breeders.

the alley

run-of-the-mill dive bar. the decor is eclectic & the bartenders are the same in personality. if you're looking for a place to unwind after overstimulating yourself in the gentrified redwood and drink your jim beam in peace, this is the spot.