community is a pb game based in the fictional city of redwood, california. for more information on redwood, see here. because community is a place that heavily relies on world building, we are looking for creative and dedicated writers who want to focus on character development and will be welcoming to members old and new alike. rp has gotten somewhat stale recently, so we want this to be a place where people aren't afraid to be ridiculous or dramatic both in customs and out in the open without judgment. we frequently have fun activities such as ic and ooc ffas, custom swaps, plot posts, narrative prompts, development surveys and more. and we're always open to suggestions from our members!

please note: while we encourage ic drama, there is a zero tolerance policy towards ic/ooc blurring or harassment of any kind here. by joining, you agree to be respectful and welcoming towards everyone else, and we will remove you without warning if we learn about any blurring or harassment. this extends to anonymous journals, which we do not condone. if you are aware of any serious issues occurring, please let us know in the dropbox and we will do our best to handle the situation.

journals should be in character (no numbers, underscores, or excessive letters) with both a friends only post and ooc contact post visible, each public and backdated. while we don't require a full biography about your character, we do expect to see at least a few basic facts i.e. their full name, birthday, occupation, etc. because we are a development and writing-driven community, we require examples to join. please show us at least one narrative and one scene and link your examples in the dropbox. scenes should be within the last couple of years or something more recent. once you are added, you'll have 48 hours to run the console and post an introduction or we will remove you. we will also remove anyone who posts and runs without answering any comments.

community runs on a monthly update cycle. we do not currently have a word count, however we want to see updates that show effort was put in and provide insight into your character. examples of accepted updates: narratives, photoshop updates, social media pages (single instagram posts will not be included), phone updates, first person entries (blogs, letters, emails, etc). not accepted: playlists, one liners, images with hovers or captions (i.e. a single instagram post with caption). posts cannot be backdated as they have to appear on the friends page for everyone to read. if you have any questions about our update policy, feel free to ask in the dropbox. if you are removed for failing to update or failing to meet the requirements, you must update before you will be added back.

we also require each member to show their activity on friends page in some way. this can be done by making a comments enabled post in redwood or in their own journals, posting a group activity, or participating in a group activity like a ffa or plot post. we will have an update/activity tracker on the taken list, but it is up to you to drop off links in the members only post showing us your participation. anyone added after the 15th of each month will only have to fulfill the activity requirement, which is met by introing.

regarding your flist, we ask that you run the console frequently. if your friends list is 10 days or more out of date, we will remove you without warning. 10 days is a lot of time to not run it and it will be provided on the fp with every set of adds. a quick click and you're done.

please avoid using wire, discord, etc. keep chatting to customs and the fp. why not? it simply causes lulls and division in communities. please save wire for psls and communities that allow it but we do not. also, please refrain from nightly chats, plug. dj and r.abbit for the same reason. this can be a bi-weekly community event or weekly when things are slower but you should not be relying on these nightly. focus on the fp and fp related activities.