general rules
to start off we want to talk about what we expect from community. we are not a community that accepts everyone that applies. we have a good idea of what we're looking to build and we're hoping for members with the same mindset. we want community to be focused on the following: character development, an effort to be creative, friendliness and people that are invested in the community beyond their close lines. we want to put an emphasis on organic lines. we are not limiting what lines you can and cannot find but we are hoping for people that are interested in setting up a few important ones (family, roommates, etc) while using interaction to build the rest. if you're the type to wait to see what kind of lines you can get before joining, this may not be the place for you.

we plan on having a lot going on here. we would like to avoid, tiny chats & games as much as possible for awhile. we want to bring the focus back to the community and the friend's page. we will be bringing back many things! ooc development ffas, character charity auctions, town events, holiday activities, gossip and more. we will often post small narrative encouragements! sometimes we'll throw au situations at you to write about your character and how they'd handle zombies, natural disasters, etc.

last but not least: we'd really love for community to be a place that sticks by it's name. we want members that are interested in new characters. while many can be likely to die off don't let that discourage you from reaching out anymore. not everyone has to have lines with everyone but we hope that everyone will have an open mind and willingness to be welcoming. if you don't like someone or their character, that's fine but let's be kind and courteous ooc, not talk about others. this discourages people that just want to do something different and have fun and we're not here for that.

joining community
the first basic rule is that you must have an ic journal to join. no numbers or underscores or excessive extra letters. keep in mind that there are many, many last names that aren't registered if you're struggling to find a name. not everyone has to be a smith or jones! please have at least one icon uploaded! we are mods that do look at examples. we'd like to see narratives and scenes. we do not want to see blog entry type updates because while we do allow them, we would rather see writing outside of that while making a decision. you need to have two posts stickied to the top of your journal. an ic contact one and an ooc one. please make sure these two are public. please backdate your entries! if you're not sure what this means, please comment us and we'll explain.

you must have the basics up in your journal! we are not requiring bios or a detailed list of facts but we'd like to see some basic information on your character in your ooc post. full name, occupation, age, what district they live in, etc. if we don't think we see what we need to when you apply, we'll let you know.

updates & activity
updates: we are a once a month community. first and foremost we accept narratives but we also accept creative graphic posts (not instagram), mixed media updates (updates with clickable images, etc that lead toward writing), etc. playlist updates are only allowed if your playlist includes some sort of writing behind it otherwise they'll simply count as an interactive post, not update. if you have ideas for updates outside of narratives, please let us know and we'll let you know if it will suffice. if you are removed for not updating and wish to reapply you must update before returning to community.

interaction: it's hard to monitor this and we're not trying to add more work to our plate by policing how often you interact and how many people your character talks to, etc. however, on top of updating once a month we'd like to see that you've posted something in redwood at least once a month as well. you must reply to the comments you receive (as well as in your intros) and attempt to hold a conversation beyond just posting and running to meet the activity check - those posts will not count.

updating your flist: 06/22 - if your flists are out of date more than 14 days, you will be removed from the community. please be sure to login and update it. if it's two weeks out of date and you're not on hiatus, we're going to assume you've died off and we think that's fair. adds are done often and the button is on the friend's page every time. please be sure to have that done.